Riize Members

SM Entertainment recently introduced their upcoming boy group, RIIZE, which will start in September 2023 with seven members. On July 31, 2023, SM Entertainment announced that RIIZE would be called their new boy group. On August 1 at 00.00 KST, SM Entertainment also officially launched their Instagram account, @riize_official, and introduced the RIIZE members, consisting of Shotaro, Eunsok, Sungchan, Seunghan, Anton, Sohee, and Wonbin. And here is a short biodata about the seven members, including their dreams and preferences. Check it out below!

1. Anton

Anton Riize

Anton, whose real name is Lee Chanyoung, was born in Boston, Massachusetts. However, Anton moved to New Jersey with his family when he was only three years old. He is the son of famous producer Yoonsang and famous actress Shim Hyejin.
Because of his background related to the prestigious entertainment industry, Anton is definitely in the spotlight in the RIIZE boy group. Anton, who has extraordinary talent and pedigree, is ready to show his charm as part of the growing RIIZE group.

Anton’s profile


Stage: Anton

Original: Lee Chanyoung

Date of birth: March 21, 2004

Interesting facts Anton

1. Anton is good at swimming, and his initial career goal was to become a professional swimmer.

2. He is a cellist.

Anton’s profile
Stage: Anton (??)
Original: Lee Chanyoung (???)
Date of birth: March 21, 2004

2. Eunseok

Before joining this boy band, Eunseok spent five years as a student to refine his skills. He was cast then when he was going to school. However, initially, he rejected the offer four times because the recruiter did not tell him the name of the company.

But he finally accepted it and joined SM Entertainment. Eunseok showed interest in acting classes during his trainee days and committed to becoming an actor within the next ten years. This makes Eunseok even more unique as a RIIZE member who is full of potential and dreams.

Eunseok’s profile

Stage: Eunseok

Original: Song Eunseok
Date of birth: March 19, 2001

Interesting facts about Eunseok
1. Has an older brother who is 5 years older than him.
2. Hobbies are watching anime, reading manga and cooking.
3. Likes creamy pasta, dressing simply, and playing games.
4. The shoe size is 255mm.
5. He likes listening to calm music and ballads.
6. Eunseok likes to dress in a casual chic style.
7. His idol is Max Changmin from TVXQ.
8. Has a black belt in taekwondo.


3. Seunghan

Seunghan is from Ilsan, South Korea. He was a trainee for two and a half years at SM Entertainment before joining this boy band.
Seunghan is a member of RIIZE who is full of potential to entertain and amaze the audience with his exciting musical talent; He can play the piano with ease and is very skilled at playing the guitar. His expertise in these two musical instruments adds to his appeal as a member of RIIZE.

Seunghan’s profile

Stage: Seunghan
Original: Hong Seunghan
Date of birth: November 21, 2003

Interesting facts about Seunghan
1. His attraction is his dark eyebrows.
2. Hobbies include traveling and playing FIFA Online.
3. Likes playing computer games
4. Has an older brother who was born in 1998.
5. After debuting, he wants to appear on the show Huh Young Man’s Food Travel.
6. Likes R&B Soul music.
7. His idol is D.O. from EXO.
8. His favorite soccer player is Fernando Torres.

4. Shotaro

Shotaro is from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and was once a member of NCT U. Before joining NCT, he spent six months as a trainee at the agency.
Interestingly, after taking an online audition in November 2019, Shotaro was accepted at SM Entertainment. He also participated in the Fan Call event on November 7, 2020, which was an important experience for his fans.

Shotaro Profile:

Stage: Shotaro
Original: Osaki Shotaro
Date of birth: November 25, 2000
Position: main dancer

Interesting Shotaro facts:
1. His family consists of parents, one younger sister (born in 2006), and one younger brother (born in 2013).
2. Previously, he was a student at EXPG Studio in Japan.
3. His favorite foods are Sushi, Tango, Cakes and Sweets.
4. He likes the smell of detergent and fabric softener.
5. He can drive.
6. Hobbies include watching mukbang, dancing and playing basketball.
7. The point of attraction is the smile of the eyes.
8. His favorite color is blue.
9. He prefers dogs, and he has a dog named Choco in Japan.
10. He has a collection of bucket hats.

5. Sohee

Because of her extraordinary voice, Sohee is one of the RIIZE members who has received praise. He has extraordinary vocal talent and is considered the main vocalist of this group.

His extraordinary voice has captivated many fans and added to the artistic value of the RIIZE group. In addition, So Hee is thinking about “figuring out her future”, with thoughts full of reflection showing her desire to improve her career as an artist and develop in the music world.

Sohee’s profile
Stage: Sohee
Original: –
Date of birth: November 21, 2003

Sohee’s interesting facts
1. He wants to collaborate with Bruno Mars.
2. Sohee said that hats are an important item for her

6. Sungchan

Since joining SM Entertainment in 2016, Sungchan has grown rapidly as a member of RIIZE. He is from Seoul, South Korea, and has completed his high school education at Eonbuk High School and Chungdam High School.

Known by the names JinsuSungchan, JinSung, and Bambi, Sungchan is also a former member of NCT U. He underwent a trainee period for four years to prepare himself before finally joining the group.

Now Sungchan is ready to show his talent and charm as a new member of RIIZE, after a long journey and valuable experience under SM Entertainment.

Sungchan’s profile
Stage: Sungchan
Original: Jung Sung Chan
Date of birth: September 13, 2001

Interesting facts about Sungchan
1. His family consists of parents and brother (Born 1999).
2. Hobbies include exercising, playing games, keeping pets, football and making rap.
3. His favorite food is raw fish and sushi.
4. His attractiveness point is his tall height.
5. He likes sunny days, canola flowers, ice cream and spicy food.
6. His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate mint.
7. His favorite sports are ice skiing and football.
8. His favorite season is autumn.

7. Wonbin

Wonbin is a member of the highly anticipated boy group RIIZE under SM Entertainment. He has become the subject of heated discussion among netizens due to his outstanding visual appearance.
Everyone knows Won Bin is a very good dancer in this group, he has even worked together with another member, Shotaro, to create choreography. RIIZE’s Instagram account recently shared a dance video with the caption, “dance credit SHOTARO & WONBIN,” showing proof of their collaboration in the dance industry.

Wonbin’s profile
Stage: Wonbin
Original: –
Date of birth: March 2, 2002
Position: Main dancer

Interesting facts about Wonbin
1. He choreographed the dance with Shotaro which was shown on the group’s Instagram account.
2. She likes shopping.
3. Wonbin said that earrings are an important item for him.
4. He can play the guitar.