Sungchan RIIZE’s Middle School Photos Spread, SM Pants Never Give Up Even Though Rejected

New predebut photos of RIIZE’s Sungchan surfaced. This time it shows the moment when he was still in junior high school. He was revealed to be a graduate of Eonbuk Middle School.

In his graduation portrait, Sungchan is already charming and his face is no different than now. However, the handsome idol born in 2001 had facial features that were not as sharp as they are now.

Sungchan’s sweet smile has been captivating since he was a teenager. Sungchan’s cute face was adorable when he was in middle school.

Apart from middle school photos, Sungchan’s elementary school moments are also being discussed again. In the past, SM Entertainment’s idol was a soccer athlete.

The idol whose real name is Jung Sungchan looked energetic when he was in elementary school. Sungchan’s cheerful smile didn’t change at all.

Knetz predicts that Sungchan has definitely been popular since middle school. He is also said to be very adorable and deserves to be called SM’s visual.

“I’m sure he’ll be popular in middle school, keke,” said one of the Knetz. “He’s a cute little guy kekeke,” said another. “He’s our baby deer,” said another. “This is why he is called SM’s visual,” explained another. “SMP is an area for rich people, kekeke,” explained another. “He still looks the same kekeke,” said another.

Meanwhile, Sungchan was revealed to have captured SM Entertainment’s attention since he was young. He was casted twice. When he was first recruited, he refused because he didn’t feel worthy.

After joining a dancing class, Sungchan got a second casting from SM and auditioned. During an interview in 2021, Sungchan explained that he underwent training for 4 years before debut.

So, it is thought that Sungchan joined SM around 2016 or when he was 15 years old. At this time, it shows that he has been targeted by SM since middle school.

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