Many Idols Are Underage, Is RIIZE Too Old to Debut?

In the fourth and fifth generation era, many Kpop idols debuted at a minor age. This has also become a topic of discussion and has raised pros and cons among netizens. K-Pop fans expressed concern over minors starting their careers in the industry after graduating from elementary school.

Because many idols today debut at the age of 16 and under, fans feel happy when they see groups that debut with members aged 18 and over. RIIZE is also in the spotlight on Korean online community forums because Anton as the youngest member is 19 years old and Shotaro, Eunseok, and Sungchan as the oldest members are 22 years old. Eunseok and Sungchan are also 22 years old. Then there is Wonbin who is 21 years old and Seunghan and Sohee who are 19 years old. So the average age of members of this group is around 20.6 years. Seeing this, some are asking whether RIIZE is too old to debut as a Kpop group in the current generation? However, almost all netizen comments assess that RIIZE members are certainly not “too old”. Because idols should debut at this age.

1. I thought they were quite old, but I don’t think they are that old, it’s just that the other groups are too young.
2. No
3. They are all in their early 20s, what does old mean?
4. Yes, they are indeed a newcomer group without any minors.
5. He’s older, but the same age as NCT DREAM and TXT
6. Nowadays, I feel like everyone debuts too young… So of course in comparison, they might look a little older, but they’re still young!
7. SM usually doesn’t care much about debuting young people.
8. Yes, but I don’t think they are old. 9. I like that they don’t have underage children ㅜㅜㅜㅠ

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