YG Producer Looking for Songs Like RIIZE’s ‘Get A Guitar’ for Girl Group 7 Allegedly BABYMONSTER

SoundJungle Announces Request for Submission of ‘Title Track Lead’ For ‘Girl Group Debuting With 7 Members’. They Specifically Stated The BPM Should Be Similar To RIIZE’s ‘Get A Guitar’.

Korean netizens were confused and mixed over the “call for song submissions” recently issued by SoundJungle, a music production studio affiliated with YG Entertainment and run by producer HAE. They also connected it with BABYMONSTER which has never debuted until now.

On September 28, SoundJungle announced a request for “Title Track Lead” submissions for “girl group debuting with 7 members”. The call for submissions referenced artists such as Jeon Somi, RIIZE, and Dua Lipa, and specifically stated, “The BPM should be similar to RIIZE’s ‘Get A Guitar’.”

First, when many netizens read “for a 7-member debut girl group”, BABYMONSTER came to their minds. It should also be noted that HAE worked on BABYMONSTER’s pre-debut song “Dream” as a producer.

Additionally, the request for submissions comes hot on the heels of speculation earlier this week that BABYMONSTER’s debut project might be delayed until later this winter, or even next year. Does this mean YG Entertainment is looking for a Baby Monster song similar to RIIZE’s “Get A Guitar”? At least that’s what some netizens think.

“If they are looking for songs like ‘Get A Guitar’, I’m not against it. That’s a solid debut song,” commented netizens. “If this is really a YG producer looking for a debut song for BABYMONSTER, and they wrote that they want a song like ‘Get A Guitar’…that’s surprising,” said another netizen. “A girl group that debuted with 7 members… How could it NOT be about BABYMONSTER?” added another.

“They kindly listed all the reference artists so that people could more easily point out ‘plagiarism’ after the song was released? Wkwkwkwk,” said netizens. “Classic big company behavior. They will openly advertise the fact that they are looking for something similar to what has been successful recently,” commented another. “The pressure is on YG. This is not just any girl group we are talking about. This is BLACKPINK’s sister group,” added another.

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