Korean Netizens Amazed by RIIZE’s Latest Music Chart Performance: The Songs Are Good!

The new boy group from SM Entertainment, RIIZE, successfully made its debut on September 4 2023.

RIIZE performed brilliantly earlier this month with their debut single entitled ‘Get A Guitar.’

RIIZE became the second SM Entertainment artist to successfully sell more than 1 million copies for their debut album after the phenomenal boy group H.O.T.

On South Korea’s popular music streaming platform, RIIZE’s debut single ‘Get A Guitar’ took 24th place on Bugs, 97th place on Melon, and 116th place on Genie.

A few weeks after their debut, RIIZE’s song ‘Get A Guitar’ slowly started to rise on the South Korean music charts.

A recent post by TheQoo, a popular online community site, highlighted the song’s increasing chart performance on Melon.

On September 24 2023, this song managed to add more than 7,400 new listeners in just one day, bringing the number of daily unique listeners to 86,510.

This surge helped the song reach 47th place on Melon’s daily charts, a remarkable achievement for a group that is still new to the Korean music industry.

Korean netizens gave positive responses to RIIZE’s music chart performance, especially on Melon.

“Repeated listening, haha. The song is really good.”

“Oh, this is a daily chart. The number of users is increasing rapidly.”

“The song is crazy and what’s more, it’s suddenly climbing the charts? Wow.”

“Good song!”
“I know this song, hehe.”

Meanwhile, RIIZE is a seven-member boy group consisting of Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton.

Recently RIIZE successfully put on an extraordinary performance with their participation in the SMTOWN Concert which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 23 2022.

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