Raffi Ahmad meets RIIZE: Play at home next time

Raffi Ahmad met RIIZE when SM Entertainment’s new boy group was in Jakarta, Indonesia. Based on the latest upload on Instagram, the meeting was brief.
RIIZE in Indonesia to appear at SMTOWN Live 2023 SMCU Palace Jakarta with other SM Entertainment artists. Apart from that, the seven members also attended one of the awards events.

For this reason, Raffi Ahmad said that RIIZE needs to come to his house when he returns to visit Jakarta, Indonesia in the future.

“Next time when you go to Indonesia, play at my house, okay?” invited Raffi as in the video uploaded to Instagram on Monday (25/9).

“I cook Indonesian food. Two months ago Taeyong came to my house and played tennis at home,” he said, receiving thumbs up from the RIIZE members.

This invitation was sent after several other SM Entertainment artists had already visited Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s house.

NCT’s Taeyong is one of the newest. Apart from serving Indonesian food, the NCT 127 leader also played tennis with the Indonesian artist couple.

Before Taeyeong, Raffi Ahmad also showed off his new house to Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo NCT who are in the DoJaeJung subunit. The visit in June 2023 occurred not long after Raffi and Nagita moved into the house.

So, the three NCT members were taken on a room tour by Raffi Ahmad, even to the husband and wife’s main room and where Rafathar and Rayyanza played.

NCT DoJaeJung Kal also seemed amazed to see the luxury at the residence of the couple known as Sultan Andara.

Jungwoo even prefers to call Raffi Ahmad father, not hyung (older brother). When seeing Nagita Slavina’s collection, Jungwoo also called Gigi his mother.

“NCT DoJaeJung played at my house! Siwon Siwon is my friend,” said Raffi to RIIZE.

Not only in Indonesia, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina previously also met SM Entertainment artists in South Korea, such as NCT Dreams and YangYang and Hendery WayV.

“The best for RIIZE, we are happy for RIIZE to come to Indonesia,” said Raffi after learning the Get a Guitar choreography directly from RIIZE.

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